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Configure Or Buy Hyper-V Cloud:
Server Cores RAM Hard Disk Storage Bandwidth Monthly Price

Hyper-V Cloud

Hyper-V Silver Plan Cloud® 1 to 8 cores 1GB 50GB 500GB 79.95
Hyper-V Gold Plan Cloud® 1 to 8 cores 4GB 100GB 600GB 129.95
Hyper-V Platinum Plan Cloud® 1 to 8 cores 8GB 200GB 700GB 199.95

Hyper-V Exchange Cloud

Microsoft Exchange Plan Cloud® 1 to 8 cores 4GB 50GB 500GB 139.95

Microsoft Database Cloud

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (Standard)Plan Cloud® 1 to 8 cores 1GB 50GB 500GB 329.95

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (Enterprise)Plan Cloud®

1 to 8 cores 1GB 50GB 500GB 1,029.95

VM Solutions
VLMS Services provides reliable, cost-effective and proven expertise for global organizations of all sizes


    Accelerate your virtualization implementation and minimize risk by taking advantage of VLMS services. Ensure a successful deployment of virtualization solution across your IT infrastructure. You'll achieve the highest levels of efficiency, manageability, and scalability for all your IT services.

    We will help you expand to new lines of business, and integrate your VM solution into your current processes and organizational structure. We will assess how to expand virtualization across the rest of your infrastructure with best practices

VMWare Cloud

VMWare cloud computing approach that reduces IT complexity by leveraging the efficient pooling of on-demand, self-managed virtual infrastructure, consumed as a service

Hyper-V Cloud

Microsoft Windows Hyper-V Server provides a reliable and optimized virtualization solution that contains only the Windows Hypervisor, Windows Server driver model and virtualization components. 

KVM Cloud

KVM hosting is a fast growing open source cloud hosting implementation using the operating system's kernel. This often allows for greater performance than when using cloud hosting solutions which rely on user-space drivers. In additional to open source community, KVM cloud computing technology is backed by tech heavyweights IBM and Red Hat


The Xen Cloud Platform is an open source enterprise-ready server virtualization and cloud computing platform, delivering the Xen Hypervisor with support for a range of guest operating systems including Windows and Linux network and storage support, management tools in a single, tested installable image.