Microsoft SQL Server Administration and Hosting


    Atlanta's VLMsystems Microsoft SQL server tools to solve database challenges of any size. Reduce your workload. Choose the right product. Access the information you need. Make better decisions. Increase your confidence and - relax. VLMsystems solutions will handle the technical details. You can focus on your business

    VLMSystems provides secure, affordable and responsive Dedicated Server Hosting for all versions of SQL Server 2005 and 2008. Your business critical applications and web or ecommerce environments have reliable, 24/7 availability.

    Our dedicated servers allow you full administrative access from your remote desktop. You control the configuration based on your specific hosting needs, and our extensive security services keep the environment secure..


    • SQL Server Support
    • SQL Server Clustering
    • SQL Server Replication Hosting
    • SQL Server Database Administration
    • Managed Services
      • Firewalls
      • Virus Protection
      • Intrusion Prevention
      • Integrity Monitoring
      • O/S Updates
      • Managed Data Backups
      • and more