Monitoring Services


  • VLMS’s Monitoring Services track the performance of your databases, servers, email, operating systems and websites. You’ll learn about potential problems immediately so issues can be prevented or resolved quickly.

    Choose our standard or advanced monitoring plan, or let us customize a plan specific to your business needs. Whichever plan you select, you can be sure of improving your system performance and availability.

    • Help reduce downtime to virtually nil. By proactively diagnosing and correcting capacity and performance issues, VLMS helps ensure the highest levels of availability for your systems.

      Keep IT resources operating at peak efficiency.  Track the performance of every IT component in your system so you can help avert problems that are just developing.

      Help prevent lost business or damage to reputation caused by poor availability. Help avoid outages, system slowdowns and malfunctions in your information systems that can cause negative perceptions of your business.

      Free up your IT staff. With VLMS Monitoring Services, there’s no need to hire, train and manage a dedicated staff to monitor your mission-critical web sites and applications. You can free internal staff to handle other business-critical, big-picture tasks.

      Always-on Customer Portal. Our Customer Portal provides a detailed view of all of your security devices under VLMS management. The portal provides you with a variety of reports per device type and access to the query engine for sophisticated analysis of security events across multiple platforms and locations.

      How Do VLMS Monitoring Services Work?

      VLMS Monitoring Services track databases, servers, email, operating systems and web sites. We notify you of potential capacity and performance problems so immediate action can help prevent and resolve problems that could impact your business.

      VLMS provides a standard service level as well as advanced, customized service-level arrangements that let you meet highly complex monitoring needs. A range of offerings let you implement just the monitoring services you need.