VLMS offers consulting services for small, medium, and large enterprises using Microsoft SQL Server

    At VLMS, We can diagnose and resolve performance problems. We follow Microsoft best practices, proven techniques of physical design, storage structures, and identify performance bottlenecks.

    We ensure that your company improves scalability, availability, and performance. We Offload your Reporting, Integrate data from multiple sites and integrate heterogeneous data. We setup and manage your Replicationwith both Transactional & Merge replication in a high transaction based system


We manage risk and ensure service levels are met by defining the risk to alleviate, gathering system usage data, Characterizing the data, applying the appropriate statistical model, Validating the forecast, and Forecasting

Data Architecture

We use conceptual, physical, and logical data models for your systems dimensional modeling. We provide a scalable model that can be used for many years without major change.

Capacity Planning

We develop accurate and efficient capacity plans to meet the changing demands for your business.